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The Heavy Shocker is a Special weapon added in the 11.0.0 update.


It has a pistol-like shape, brown and black scheme, a blue spherical 'emitter' with a metal tip.

Screenshot 2016-10-04-06-41-53-1

A player under the effects of its damage sphere.


It have VERY high damage, very high fire rate, low capacity for an electro-thrower, and average mobility.


  • Get EXTREMELY close to the target so your damage sphere also does damage to the enemy.
  • This weapon does very high damage as of the 15.1.0 update. It is now more powerful than the frozen dragon.
  • This weapon is ineffective in long range, which means going into parkour city with this weapon will not let you do well.
  • Rocket jump with the 0xBadC0de or the Killer Whale to the target and then spam this weapon.


  • Stay out of close range! At close range this weapon will be extremely powerful and will win a head to head fight if they are skilled.
  • If engaged at a close range fight, use area damage weapons such as the Rocket Launcher or a shotgun such as the masterpiece musket or the undertaker. Better, use this weapon yourself or another flamethrower such as the frozen dragon or the pizza heater. Another option is to use a gun with very big hitbox such as the soulstone.
  • Even if you are at a close range combat, do not get too close. The last thing you want is to take damage from both the gun and the damage sphere.
  • Rocket jump yourself out of the gun's range.



Weapon Setups

Have a sniper rifle for long range. An example is the Anti-Hero Rifle.

Have an assault rifle with a scope for medium range. For example, the Secret Force Rifle.

Maybe use a rocket launching rifle such as the 0xBadC0de or the Killer Whale to rocket jump to your target.


  • This weapon's sphere is exactly the same to the Chip Sword. It also is very similar to the shield of the Barrior Rifle and the Excalibur.
    • However, the barrior rifle and excalibur's shield is for defense, while this gun's sphere is for offense.
  • It is the second weapon with the Electro-Thrower property, the first being the High Voltage, and the first weapon to have the Damage Sphere property.
    • The third weapon with the Electro-Thrower ability is the Pizza Heater. The second weapon to have the Damage Sphere ability is the Chip Sword.
  • The damage sphere is visible in first person mode, rather than only on third person mode like the excalibur and barrior rifle. This trait is shared with the chip sword.
    • This is most likely due to the fact that damage sphere is very different ability from energy shield.
  • This weapon got a big buff in 15.1.0 to the point where it is more powerful than the frozen dragon.