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The Heavy Shotgun in use.

The Heavy Shotgun is a primary weapon released in the 9.0.0 Christmas update.


Like it's real life version, the Heavy Shotgun has a gunmetal body, barrel, grip, stock, carry handle, muzzle, and magazine.


The Heavy Shotgun is very powerful and best effective at close range. Firing in short bursts can save you a lot of ammunition.


  • Since it's a shotgun, use this at close range.
  • The weapon has low mobility so it's recommended to switch to a different weapon while moving.
  • Useful for crowd control if paired with Singular Grenade.
  • Aim for the head to maximize damage.
  • You can wear speed-up helmets. For example, the Great Samurai Helmet to offset its low mobility.
  • Play on small maps. e.g. Pool Party, where this weapon works best.
  • In close ranges, it is possible for one to hold and fire, but never do this before you get near the opponent, as most of the shots wouldn't reach the opponent.
  • Pair this with a triple laser spam set, so you can easily finish off players who you have hit with a laser without spamming your lasers again.
  • Have a good aim, it is easy to miss shots with this weapon, since the bullet range is slightly farther than other shotguns.
  • Stay mobile while wielding it.
  • This weapon is a hard counter against Melee users.


  • Pick off its users from long ranges.
  • Try outmaneuvering the enemy by strafing around while firing.
  • Area damage weapons can make short work on its users.
  • Attack from behind, so he will have a hard time to react.
  • During the user into open areas where this weapon is useless gives you advantage.
  • As this gun has low capacity, try to waste your opponent's ammo by simply running around and jumping, preferably while using the Ninja Tabi (PG3D) or Berserk Boots.

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Having a sniper in your special weapon slot and a high mobility weapon that will allow for effective Gameplay in any situation.


  • It is based on the Pancor Jackhammer, a prototype Bullpup automatic shotgun designed in 1984.
  • It was removed including its upgrades in the 11.4.0 update for unknown reasons.
  • This weapon and its upgrades appear to be Reskinned as a Pixel Gun, which seems to fire one bullet at a time, instead of a spraying pattern. This weapon on the user's screen still shoots the spraying pattern.
  • In the 13.5.0 update, This weapon now has a max combat level of 17, which is the highest combat level in the game.
  • Its Reskinned (yet less powerful) counterpart is the Rhino, introduced in 14.0.0 update.
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