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The Heavy Shotgun Up2 is a Primary weapon introduced in the 9.0.0 update. It is the second and the final upgrade of the Heavy Shotgun.


The entire gun is a light grey, silvery color. It has a small shoulder stock, with a thick base. There is a triangular muzzle on the front of the barrel.


It has high damage, high rate of fire, fair capacity, and good mobility. Like its predecessors, the Heavy Shotgun Up2 is very powerful and best effective at close range.


  • Aim for the head to maximize damage.
  • Firing in short bursts can save you a lot of ammo.
  • Since it is a shotgun, use this at close ranges.
  • The weapon is quite light than it's previous versions. It can be used to jump around.
  • Stay mobile while wielding it.
  • It has a fast firing rate, so you can use this shotgun to kill your enemies fast and effectively. Every shotgun does have the advantage to kill groups with its spread. From killing mobs to killing enemies, you have to keep in mind the range of your enemy. The further you enemy is, the further your bullets will spread apart and the less damage you will do.
  • This weapon is a hard counter against Melee users.
  • This weapon is comparable to the Minigun Shotgun, due to the high damage and it's capability to 3-4 headshot heavily armored players.


  • Pick off its users from long ranges.
  • Try outmaneuvering the user by strafing around while firing.
  • Use high mobility weapons with decent efficiency to jump and move around while shooting him/her.


None (Final Upgrade)



Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Have a longer ranged weapon, this weapon cannot perform great if the fight is at long range.


  • It is based on the Pancor Jackhammer, a prototype bullpup-design automatic shotgun designed in the 1980s.
  • It has been buffed in the 11.2.0 update. It costs, Coin instead of Gem now.
    • However, in the 13.5.0 update, previous users who had owned this weapon before can upgrade it to have an even higher efficiency of 32. These new upgrades would cost at approximately 110 Gem to upgrade this weapon to its final form.
  • Also, it is one of the few non-removed weapons that costs coins for Up2 instead of gems.
  • In the 11.4.0 update, this weapon and its downgrades appear to be re-skinned as a Pixel Gun, which seems to fire one bullet at a time, instead of a spraying pattern. This weapon on the user's screen still shoots the spraying pattern, fortunately.
  • In the 13.5.0 update, this weapon has been buffed and has been given an extremely high combat level of 17, and an efficiency of 32 when fully upgraded.
    • Due to the recent buff, a user of this weapon can face off against the Minigun Shotgun Up1 on a head-to-head combat.
  • In the 15.1.0 update, it has a fixed efficiency of 30.
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