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For the weapon, see Hippo (Weapon).
The Hippo, or Hippo Head, is a common enemy in Terrifying Resort. It also appears in the Scary Pizzeria, along with Wave 5 in Arena. The Hippo attacks relativity fast, so it is recommended to pick them off first when in the arena.


It is a light purple head of a hippo, with its mouth agape, showing 4 blunt teeth.


It will approach the player by bouncing and attacking in close quarters.

Difficulties Damage Health Speed
Easy 2Heart new 5Heart new Fast
Medium 2Heart new 6Heart new Fast
Hard 2Heart new 7Heart new Fast


  • Terrifying Resort
  • Scary Pizzeria
  • Arena (Wave 5)


  • It is okay to use melee weapons to kill a Hippo, but you must be quick, as the Hippo can deal damage pretty quickly.
    • It is still more advisable to shoot it, though.
  • Going in circles around a Hippo will decrease it's chances of hitting you.
  • Do NOT use a melee weapon against a GROUP of Hippos. It is more advisable to shoot them instead.


  • This and the Hippo gun share the same model, the only difference being the size of the hippo head model.
  • There is also a Hippo themed skin in the Armory.
  • This is one of the fastest attacking enemies in the game.
  • It is impossible to inflict body-shots, as it does not have a body.
  • This monster could be referencing the beheaded animatronics from Five Nights at Freddy'. It is possible that a body of this monster exists, but only the head is present.