The Honor Egg is a type of Egg introduced in the 11.4.0 update.


It is available in one form. It is green and has pink polka dots with yellow edges (on the polka dots), making it seem to look more like of an "adamant egg". The pink polka dots may be made out of shiny jewels or pink stained glass, but the pet inside cannot be seen.


  • This is the only egg that guarantees only one pet, the Griffin.
  • This is the only egg that is obtainable from the Tournament, while the Champion Egg is obtainable from Leagues, and others are obtainable from either the Egg Delivery or the Super Incubator.
  • A possible coincidence is that the Griffin has some adamant armor pieces on it, while the Honor Egg is an egg that has a theme of Adamant Armor.
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