Swamp is a pretty hard level despite being the easiest level in Crossed Worlds. However, if you're stuck on this level, don't worry. Use this tutorial to help you pass this level.

​Use a spammy weapon

One of the many spammer weapons you can use.

The boss has very little chance against the Dead Star.

It is very easy to win with a spammy weapon. All you need to do is save up your coins/gems for a really spammy weapon. Here are some recommend weapons:

​Be Wary of the Thorny Trees

It is always important to avoid the thorns on the trees. They will inflict medium damage upon impact.

Suit Up

Suiting up is very important and will greatly aide you in passing the level. Make sure you level up your armor and your weapons.

​Know Your Terrain

Knowing your terrain is very important. Here are some of the surprises you might find.

  • Lava pits
  • Spiky trees
  • A water pit

​Snipe them

Prototype PSR-1

When you snipe your enemies you have a better chance of defeating them. If you want a good sniper, these are recommend.


I hoped that this tutorial will help you in passing the Swamp level on Crossed Worlds.

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