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Are you tired of having people come with magic weapons and just killing you without you having a chance to fight them? Well, follow these simple and easy steps to counter them!


One of the magic weapons.

Step 1: Moving around

NEVER stay in one place. If you are camping, be sure to change positions as quickly as possible as players will know your location once you kill them, and will use magic weapons to avoid confronting you. Players will also use these weapons to try and locate your position.

Step 2: Agility

Try to get as close to them as possible. If you get into a close-combat situation, most magic weapons will stop hitting you. Be careful, a player might switch to a close-quarters weapon if you come closer. Also, do not get too close or they might switch to a melee weapon. Be careful, once you are in medium range from your target, they will be able to shoot you down very easily with a magical weapon.

Step 3: Movement

Move around if you are getting hit by a magic weapon and are travelling in one direction. Switch directions and travel the other way. You do this because when you are getting hit by the weapon and the person is behind a wall, they will be able to see your nametag moving, and will constantly aim at the area you are expected to travel (the nametag is shown for about 2-3 seconds before disappearing). If you are travelling in one direction and you get hit by a magic weapon, switch directions immediately as the enemy will expect you to go the same direction as you were travelling earlier. However, this is very tough to do, and you need a very high mobility weapon. Another way how to avoid using movement is to use any type of weapon that can propel you into different directions (Apocalypse 3000, Anti Gravity Blaster, etc.) and rocket jump to a different area.

Other Tips

  • If you own a magic weapon, (Magic Bow, Archimage Dragon Wand, etc.), use that weapon to counter your opponents magic weapon, or you could kill yourself before you die using explosives (Armageddon, Bass Cannon, Firestorm G2, Cherry Bomb and etc.)
  • Recent updates have heavily nerfed these magic weapons, so they are not much of a problem anymore.
  • Even more recent updates have completely removed these weapons from the game.
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