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What the icon of the app should look like.

The following is only known to work on Amazon Devices and Androids at the moment. iOS needs furtherproof that it does. You should also have to have the Cape Editor bought for this to work.

How to get the image on the cape (Android and Amazon)

First download File Manager. Its free, so don't worry about prices! But on Android there should already be a folder called "Files", if not, download this.

  1. Once downloaded find in search "Downloads".
  2. Find the image you want to use then hold down on it and press copy. The image must be under 10kb and under 500 pixels.
  3. Then find the folder "Android>Data", in it find "com.PixelGun.a3d". There will be all of the skin files and settings.
  4. Find one called "cape_CustomTexture" and delete it.
  5. Paste what you had eariler and rename it "cape_CustomTexture".(No quotes).
  6. Now exit and launch and you should have your cape!

iOS Devices


Windows Phone



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