Unlocking tips

Have you ever wanted to get the mythical weapons? Do you want the Candy Baton? Well, here's the solution (for pay-2-play players and coin and gem grinders).

  • If you are the pay-2-play type, never try to get yourself higher than 22-27 because it is almost impossible to get the golden friend. (you could if you get all the exoskeletons)
  • For both pay-to-play and grinder players, get all the gadgets and weapons in your level cap (such as the judge in the level 22-26 cap)
  • Get all the Skins, league hats, gun skins, wears, and max out your Armor.
  • Try to get all of the exoskeletons if you are a pay-2-play over level 27.
  • Get the Lucky Clover for slightly more chance.
  • Spin a few lucky che. It should be less rigged.
  • if you continuously spin Lucky Chests, you might get the mythical weapons from the lucky chest. (Around 150 chests for more guaranteed chance)
  • If you are lucky enough, you can get more gems, and remember, free spins are slightly weaker in the Lucky Chest than the 4-hour ones.
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