Do you see those players everywhere? Well, it is your turn to do it to THEM!


This is only a tutorial about how to spam weapons, and because you can spam, doesn‘t mean you are a very skilled player (although some types of spam actually takes a lot of skill). Thank you.

Classic 3 Category Spam

This type of spam requires some bit of skill of your aim, pace and wear.



  • Any fast shooting, high DPS and accurate weapon will do.


  • Thunderer
  • Exterminator
  • Ailen Blaster
  • Dead Star
  • Monster blaster
  • Royal Revolver
  • Gifted Revolvers
  • Propitator


  • Fire Demon
  • Last Samurai
  • Dark Force Saber
  • Battle Shovel
  • Elder Force Saber
  • Katana


  • Reflector
  • Laser Bouncer
  • Alien Bouncer


  • Prototype
  • Anti-Hero Rifle
  • Shadow Spell
  • Little Cthulhu
  • Anti-Champion Rifle
  • Laser Bow
  • Laser Crossbow
  • One Shot
  • Elephant Hunter
  • Prototype S
  • Comet
  • ...


  • _0xbadc0de
  • Rocket Jumper

Wear: burning tiara, demolition mask, hitman cape/demolition cape/custom cape, berserk boots, all maxed out.

4 Category Spam

Similiar to 3 Category Spam, but primary need to be changed to:

  • Devastator
  • Undertaker
  • ”Predator”
  • Prehistoric Shotgun
  • Viking
  • Ultimatum

5 Category Spam

This is harder. But same applies, the non-spammable weapon (Killer Whale/_0xbadc0de) need to be changed to:

  • Bass Cannon
  • Deadly Beat
  • Football Cannon
  • Solar Power Cannon
  • Champion Solar Cannon
  • Big Buddy
  • Circus Cannon
  • Christmas Ultimatum
  • Destruction System
  • ...

6 Category Spam

Why am I even doing this... but anyways, your melee can be changed to:

  • Storm Hammer
  • Combat Yo-yo
  • Cop’s Club
  • Steampunk Fists
  • Power Fists
  • Jet Tenderizer
  • Power Claw
  • ...

All of these spams can be countered easily so they are not so nooby compared to what you’re going to see next...

Nooby Spams

Spammer Hammer/Hammer Spammer

Often seen at knife party. When there are 3 or 4 of them on the enemy’s team, well... you’re done!

Counters to this spam

Combat Yo-yo can counter it on 1v1. But in groups, use any 1-2 shot melees.

Area Damage Spammers

This type of spammers are very common to see. Mainly in close ranged maps, such as pool party, silent school or White House. And due to their massive radius, they are seriously diffcult to counter when in groups.

Counters to this spam

Use Eraser, Singular Grenade and use a 1-2 shot area damage weapon yourself when countering groups of them. However, they can still kill you when you are throwing the Grenade/charging the Eraser. One on one, they won’t be that much of a threat but still need to be addressed carefully or else they're just going to destroy you.

”No skill“ Spammers

Compared to what I just said above, this type is different, as it focus on all types of OP weapons that takes no skill and are usually very, very common to see them in battles.

Counters to this spam

You can either spam one yourself, use Neutralizer or a fast automatic weapon to elimate them.

Short reminder: 3 category spam isn’t that popular anymore so the category spams might count as skilled. (I guess?)

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