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The Hurricane is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 13.0.0 update.


It appears to be a reskinned version of both Armageddon and Missile Thrower.

It has 4 grey tubes with 3 tan lines, a grey handle with brown stripes, an orange trigger, a 4x scope, and its entire body is grey. On the body, there is a small caution symbol with an exclamation mark on it, similar to the one on the Nail Minigun.


It has High Efficiency, decent rate of fire (high for a heavy), low capacity, and moderate mobility.


  • Use this the same way you use the Armageddon. This does the same thing as it.
  • Since this weapon has area damage, aim at an opponent's feet.
    • Cluster them with Singular Grenade first and then rain down your shots.
  • Stay at close or medium range, as this weapon does have travel time.
  • Conserve ammo, as this weapon does not have too much ammo.
  • If the opponent rocket jumps a lot, time the shot and wait for the opponent to land.
  • Do not frequently rocket-jump with this weapon, for it have high Efficiency.


  • Use a long ranged weapon as it is easily avoidable at long range.
  • Use weapons that slow down its user.
  • Treat this the same way as a user with the Armageddon, but with increased efficiency.
  • Strafe around them and keep jumping, making it harder for them to hit you with the rockets.
  • Rocket jump if possible so it'll be harder for the user to get you.


Incendiary themed.

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

  • Equip a long ranged weapon and a mobile weapon.
  • A primary/backup to finish off weakened target.


  • It is based on the real world M202 Flame Assault Shoulder Weapon American rocket launcher.
    • Unlike its real-life and in-game counterparts, this weapon could hold 6 rockets when it should only be 4.
    • This got fixed in the "Combat Level" Update where it now only has 4 ammo, which is much more realistic.
  • It is the second weapon that has been the 3rd reskin of its predecessors, the Missile Thrower (PG3D) and the Armageddon (PG3D), the other being the Dino Slayer.
  • It was the overpowered counterpart of Armageddon when the Combat Update introduced as this was 1 rocket kill vs 4 rockets kill.
    • After 15.1.0 Update, both Heavies are 3 rockets kill as for balancing gameplay.
    • In the current update, this and its regular counterpart are 2 rockets kill.
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