The Ice Paws is a Melee weapon introduced in the 15.7.0 Christmas update.

This weapon was a limited Trader's Van weapon and could only be bought in the period of 14 days.


Its appearance is somewhat based off of the Power Fists. It is themed towards the Christmas invasion period along with some other 'ice' weapons that look alike e.g Yetti Spirit or Necklace of the Ice King. It has a similar shape to the Power Fists, except it has 3 long ice-colored spikes coming out from where the 'knuckles' would be inside the weapon.

At the top of the upper arm section of the weapon there is an ice spike sticking out, and at the top of the lower arm section, there is also a spike. The whole weapon is also ice-colored, with a couple of small grey and black sections.



  • Keep a small distance away from the opponent for this has an outstanding range for a melee weapon.
  • Use this like the Power Fists or Steampunk Fists.
  • Useful for discouraging enemies from fleeing due to its slowing ability.
  • Take advantage of its high mobility when you're stuck in sticky situations.
  • Use this when your cornered due to its range.
  • It has a high attack speed, damage, and slow down attribute. Use it to your advantage against area damage melee users.
  • Spam this in Knife Party to get easy kills and points.


  • Pickoff its users from long ranges.
  • Use a one shot weapon (preferably a heavy like the Big Buddy in short ranges or a sniper like the One Shot in long ranges) to kill the user before they kills you.
  • You can counter its users by using the Reflector (Gadget) to discourage them from hitting you.
  • Ambush from behind to get a advantage in terms of health and armor.
  • Use the Singular Grenade or the Eraser to prevent the user from advancing to you, and use a long range weapon to finish it off.
    • The Sticky Candy is a lesser choice, but it still slows them down.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

A good combo is with the Ultimatum, Laser Revolver, Reflector, Comet and any Heavy gun you prefer.



  • The design is somewhat based off of the Power Fists.
  • It is one of the most powerful melees in the game.
  • It was available for a couple of days in the Gallery glitch along with other weapons in the 16.6.0 update.
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