Ice Slime 2

The Ice Slime is an enemy encountered only in the campaign Winter Island map.


Difficulty Health Damage Speed
Easy 4Heart new 2Heart new Medium
Medium 6Heart new 2Heart new Medium
Hard 7Heart new 3Heart new Medium


It will come after you, faster than most slimes. In the last second, it will slow down, and deal damage. It maneuvers around obstacles.


Its skin color is sky blue with a shade of blue. It has one large eye with a dark purple and a light grey iris. It doesn't have teeth, but it has four 1x2 black pixels below the eye, which most likely to be the mouth. Its middle body is large, the head is medium, and the back is small.

IMG 1311

Preparing to shoot a slime.



  • Its appearance from the older version is similar to the slime from the video game "Minecraft" however, it is sky blue, and it is made out of ice.
  • This enemy has multiple forms of variations.
  • The enemy used to look like a Minecraft slime but was changed due to copyright issues.


  • Simply shoot the slime with any weapon you feel comfortable with.
  • Just try not to get cornered, this is a mob you shouldn't really be worrying about, but may prove to be very annoying in conjunction with the other monsters (mainly for beginners).
  • Try to keep a lookout, since they can sometimes blend in with the environment.