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The Instigator is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 15.9.0 update. It is part of the Super Soldier Event Set.


It is mostly a grey/blue weapon with black and white details.


This weapon has a slow fire rate, medium damage, and good mobility. Use this gun in a small area (such as pool or silent school) to continuously kill opponents using the toxic mines.


  • use a sniper against these users, as this gun has looping shot.
  • As of 16.0.1 this gun is ineffective and will not pose much of a threat to max armored players

Supported Maps

Small maps with small hallways.


  • Military-themed

Weapon Setups

use this weapon with guns like the icicle minigun or any gun with the slow down target effect, so that the poison mines will do more damage.


  • This is the second weapon with the poison mines attribute, after the Toxic Bane.
  • This gun was originally a 2 shot kill to a max armored player, but in 15.9.5 was buffed to a one shot kill to a max armored player but once again in the 16.0.1 update it was nerfed to a 3 shot kill.
  • It shares the exact firing sound of the Demoman.
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