A super-gun for a super-soldier. Tremendous blasts, high precision, and a decent fire speed. You can also get a portable version.

—Weapon description in the Gallery

The Instigator is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 15.9.0 update. It is part of the Super Soldier Event Set.


It is a blue-gray pistol-like weapon that shoots a toxic mine with area damage and looping shot. This weapon has a slow fire rate, low capacity, and average mobility.


It is mostly a blue-gray weapon with black and white details. It features a scope on the top but it is unusable.


The player holds this gun from its handle with one hand, similarly to a pistol. This weapon shoots a mine that emits poison. This mine also has looping shot, so that means the range of the mine is limited. Moreover, it also has area damage, so it has a blast radius when the mine explodes.

It reloads after every shot. It is reloaded by opening the storer of the mine, putting a mine, then closing the storer.



  • Use this gun in a small area (such as Pool Party (PG3D) or Silent School) to continuously kill opponents using the toxic mines.
    • Spam this weapon, and you will climb to the top in no time.
  • Use it only in close range, since its range is limited and use it as a last-resort weapon or use it when the opponent has low health.
  • Try collecting ammunition for this weapon often, since it can easily run out of ammunition.


  • Stay away from the user of the weapon and fire area damage weapons such as Big Buddy (PG3D) or Adamant Bomber.
  • If in small narrow hallways such as in Silent School, the Ghost Lantern's projectile hitbox will be big enough to counter Instigator spammers.
  • Avoid narrow hallways at all cost, as the Toxic Mine will kill you.


Information Image
  • Name: Asimov
  • Cost: 300 Gem
  • Released: 17.4.0
  • Artist: SirKael

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Use this weapon with guns like the Icicle Minigun (PG3D) or any gun with the slow down target effect, so that the poison mines will do more damage. It is also recommended to carry an 85 mobility such as Dark Force Saber or Katana for evasion.


  • This gun was originally a 2 shot kill to a max armored player, but in 15.9.5 was buffed to a one-shot kill to a max armored player but once again in the 16.0.1 update it was nerfed to a 3 shot kill.


  • This is the second weapon with the poison mines attribute, after the Toxic Bane.
  • It shares the exact firing sound of the Demoman.
  • It is part of the Super Soldier Event along with the Overseer and Storm.
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