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Not to be confused with the Disco Ball, a Sandbox gear item.

The Jukebox is a Device introduced in the 12.5.3 update.


Much like the Disco Ball, it looks like a grey turret from the bottom with speakers on the sides, with a black, spinning disco ball with multiple bright colors which are red, blue, green, yellow, cyan and magenta. Each side has a square-shaped center with a green light in the center of 4 centered square shapes. Two other shapes have a black handle.


It is used to add more soundtracks for the main menu.


The Jukebox includes various soundtracks. They can be changed in the Settings. (Settings  > Multimedia > Lobby Music) Here are the soundtracks:


  • It is one of the 3 craft items that look extremely similar to some of the items in Sandbox. The 2 others are the Cake and the Balloons.
  • It is the only craft item that can be placed with other craft items that are in the same category. As it will appear behind the other already built device
  • It included soundtracks of 3 removed maps: Four Seasons, Atlantis and Shooting Range.
    • From the addition of these soundtracks, it may be possible that these maps can come back in an update.
  • One of the names of the soundtracks was "Heavenly Garden", which is the name of the craft item counterpart and not the name of the map.