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The Killer Whale is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 13.2.1 update.


It appears to be a re-skinned Spark Shark.

It appears to resemble a mechanical killer whale, such as it's called. It is has a black and white base body, black fins, blue handle, and blue batteries.


It has moderate damage, good fire rate, an okay capacity, and a fast mobility, However it works differently from its counterpart. Like the 0xbadc0de is does not deal self damage.


  • This weapon should not be used as an attacking weapon unless your level is low, as this weapon performs poorly against champion armored players.
  • Aim for the head to maximize damage. This is not an area damage weapon, which means you can get headshots with this weapon.
  • This weapon has a secret piercing shot ability. Use this ability to fire down the hallways in silent school.
  • Keep in mind, this weapon is not the same as its reskin: the spark shark. This weapon, in fact, is more like a mix of the Pencil Thrower and the Electromagnetic Cannon in terms of abilities.
  • This weapon slows whoever is hit by it. Use this to your advantage by hitting enemies with this and shooting them with a high damage weapon such as a sniper.


  • Pick off it's users from safe distances.
  • Beware, as it has piercing-shots, so avoid using other players as meat shields.
  • It takes a while to reload so use that time to kill them.
  • Unlike it's counterpart it has no area damage, so counter it with a weapon that has the missing attribute.
  • You should have no problem taking this weapon's users down. However the enemy will be problemetic if they use this weapon to rocket jump instead of attacking (which ironically is what most people use this weapon for)
  • If you are hit and get slowed down, then try to get away by rocket jumping using a rocket jump weapon or the alien gun.


Animal themed

Supported Maps

Silent school due to long corridors

Weapon setups

Have a higher capacity weapon when it runs out.


  • Unlike it's other re-skins in the 13.2.1 update, this weapon works differently from its predecessor. The same is for Hedgehog and Soul Thief.
  • It is one of the weapons where the weapon is modified to look like an animal/creature. (Ex: Double DragonTiger ClawsAlligator, and etc.)
  • It is based on the real life animal the orca or killer whale such as it's called.
  • Though it is not listed, this weapon has piercing shots.
  • This weapon no longer has self knockback
  • This weapon is used more than 0xBadC0de because of its higher damage and ammo. This is no longer the case as the killer whale cannot rocket jump ( As of the 15.9.0 update )
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