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The Laser Cannon is a futuristic rifle, formerly located in the Heavy section of the Armory.


It has a red and gray shoulder stock, with a red ammunition source in the center. The gray barrel has 3 red rings around it.


The Laser Cannon is a rifle. Each clip holds 35 rounds, and the reserve ammo can be maxed out to 210, equaling 245 rounds total.

The Laser Cannon acts as a rapid-firing rifle, due to its incredibly high rate of fire. It also has great accuracy, meaning it can be effectively used as a long-range assault weapon. However, due to its rate of fire, this also means that ammunition can be wasted much faster than regular weapons. Always try to go for the headshots for this weapon, saving you lots of ammo and also dealing devastating damage at the same time.


  • After Mojang AB claimed copyright of the name Redstone Cannon, the gun's name was changed to Laser Cannon. The ammo holder, however, resembles the Redstone Block.
  • During the tutorial, you are forced to buy a Laser Cannon, and upgrade it to a Golden Laser Cannon. In 8.1.0, the Firestorm replaced it in the Tutorial level, due to the Laser Cannon's removal.
  • This weapon was removed in 8.1.0. It just appears as the Crystal Laser Cannon.