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Removed Symbol
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The Last Kiss Up2 is a Primary weapon introduced in the 9.2.0 Valentine's Day update along with the Dater Hater. It is the third and final upgrade of the Last Kiss.


The gun resembles a rifle. It has a heart shaped barrel hole and a heart and golden cupid aiming sight. It is mostly red and pink, with a heart on the side of the gun and ammo box. The back handle is part of the shoulder rest. It also has a vertical foregrip on the front.


Like its predecessors, the Last Kiss Up1, provides a large spread. This weapon wields a large supply of ammunition, making it usable for extended firefights. Aiming for the head is also recommended to deal maximum damage while conserving ammo.


  • Use this gun at close range. The bullets spread, so switch to this weapon when an enemy is near. Go for the head .
  • This weapon has a high mobility, so you can run around with this weapon.


  • Don't stand still, move around and jump around. Try and waste the user's ammo.
  • Stand from far away from your opponent and snipe them while they're using this gun, as it does not have good range.


N/A (Final)


Valentine's Day themed.

Supported Maps

Weapons Setups

Fend yourself by keeping away from this gun when you see it. Or take an area damage weapon and blast the opponent to smithereens.


  • This gun, along with Dater Hater, were implemented by the Pixel Gun Company to target online daters, who often use the chat for their purposes. This is frowned upon by many players.
  • It can shoot multiple pellets in a spraying pattern, thus making it a shotgun-type weapon. This pattern is shared with the Mega Destroyer, Heavy Shotgun, and numerous other shotguns.
  • During a short period of time, the Lucky Strike was available in the 9.3.1 update. It had the same stats as this weapon, but it had a green, re-skinned appearance.
  • Strangely enough, this weapon has been disguised as the Heavy Shotgun, despite that weapon being removed as well.
  • For an unknown reason this was removed in the 10.0.4 update.
    • However, this weapon has been brought back in the 11.4.0 update.
      • It was once again removed in the 12.0.0 update.
  • In the 12.1.0 update, this along most shotguns have a new feature where the spread of the first few shots are narrow and will extend after each shot if you hold down the firing button.
    • The feature was removed in the 12.2.0 updates, nerfing most shotguns.
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