The Last Samurai is a Melee weapon introduced in the 12.5.0 Update.


The weapon is a reskin of the Katana. It has a blue blade and a gold hilt. Whenever the weapon is in hand, a particle effect swirls around the blade.



  • Get up close and personal to the enemy and then attack as you would with any other normal melee weapon.
  • Try to take cover or switch weapons when engaging a sniper or fighting users with ranged weapons.
  • It has a high mobility so it could be used for dodging projectiles.
    • Pair the katana with Burning Tiara, Cape Editor, Demolition Mask, Berserk Boot and Alloy for even better effect.
  • This weapon is very effective when using the 3 category spam method and is used by many players to move around swiftly when not firing.


  • This weapon is very deadly, so attack from medium or long range using high damaging weapons like Veteran or Warmaster.
  • You could try sneaking up on the users or strafing and running around them to make them confused.
  • Be very careful when using weapons such as Rocket Launcher or Ghost Lantern to kill Last Samurai users. They could easily have a gear piece such as the Berserk Boots active to dodge the projectile, and with the slow reload of such weapons, you are leaving yourself vulnerable.
  • Use slowing weapons or gadgets to impair the weapon's speedy ability, leaving the user vulnerable to your counterattacks.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Grab a weapon that performs well at medium range, such as the Casanova or Secret Forces Rifle. Also bring a decent, high damaging Sniper such as One Shot, Laser Crossbow, or Royal Sniper Rifle.


This katana was forged from a fragment of azure meteorite. You can hardly imagine the tools the forger needed.

—Weapon's description in Gallery


  • Despite its mobility, it is possible that it actually has pretty much the same mobility as the Dark Force Saber when fully upgraded.
  • The Robot Samurai wields a reskinned and supersized version of this particular sword as its main weapon.
  • Its name is a reference of the 2003 film of the same name (with the word "the" before the name).
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