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The Lenses is a non-elemental module introduced in the 16.2.0 update.


It appears to be a group of 3 lenses with a black frame on each one. The lense on the front is the smallest one and behind it are two bigger lenses.


It is used to insert in a Sniper weapon so that it can be part of a module combination.


The combinations in which this module can be used in are the Oracle and the Disguise.


Level Modules required Cost Buff
I None None TBA
II 2 Lenses 5 coins TBA
III 5 Lenses 25 coins TBA
IV 10 Lenses 50 coins TBA
V 30 Lenses 100 coins TBA
VI 100 Lenses 250 coins TBA
VII 200 Lenses 500 coins TBA
VIII 400 Lenses 1000 coins TBA
IX 500 Lenses 2000 coins TBA
X 1000 Lenses 4000 coins TBA
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