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 The Magma Slime is a common enemy in Hell Castle.


Difficulty Health Damage Speed
Easy 13Heart new 4Heart new Medium
Medium 15Heart new 6Heart new Medium
Hard 17Heart new 8Heart new Fast


A black/burgundy slimey caterpillar with a 'lava' eye and teeth.



It will quickly approach the player and bite them, inflicting moderate damage.


  • This looks similar to the Red Slime and Red Slime Boss.
  • It seems like a slime version of the Demon Runner since it has burning eyes and mouth and are both a black color.
  • In the old version of the game, it looked too similar to the Magma Cube from Minecraft.
    • The model was changed to a slug-like creature, due to the Pixel Gun Company's copyright issues with Mojang.
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