The Skin Maker cost 50 Coin Here you can use tricks in making the "accessories" like gloves, etc.

Note: THIS is not similar to Minecraft-Edit or other Minecraft Skin Maker.


Gloves are tricky and you have to go test and go back to the editor and test again and again. Here's how to do it:

  • You must connect the skin of the hand to the front, right, and half the back of your skin's arm.
  • (Optional) Add a 2x1 on the right side of the arm.
Me. Mundy (arm)


Making this texture on the skin might be a little tricky but follow the pattern.

  • First, make the left view of the shoes on the right side of the leg and to the left side of the leg. Make the back view of the shoes on the back side of the leg and the front to the front side of the leg.

Note: The reason the left view is placed on both right and left is because the left view on the right side is flip to become the right view.

Mr Mundy (leg)

Torso (Body)

Making a Torso is ALSO easy but the bottom part is shifted to the right and might look ridiculous so you need to follow the pattern (again).

  • Make the bottom part of it 1x moved on the left (unless you want to add detail like a jacket, grenades, etc.)
Mr. Mundy (torso)


The face have no things that make it upside down on placed on the wrong place. Just make the right side an opposite to the left like a mirror and fill the top with the hair. Also, make sure that the hair is align to the back of the head.

Mr. Mundy (face)


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