The Manga Gun is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 13.3.0 update.


It is a reskin of the Big Fatality Gun.

It is a large, whitish-pink cumbersome cannon with some grey details, a white clip, a handle on the top and a large trigger.

When charging, a white ball of energy begins to grow in its ”mouth”, and the shoot trigger is released it shoots a large ball of energy, coming out from its "crystals" in its "mouth".



  • Use this weapon Iike the Big Fatality Gun
  • Use this in close to medium ranges for a less complicated duel and also due to its bullet travel time.
  • You can hit the ground spot that is near your opponent because this has area damage.
  • Go for weakened players to conserve ammo and quick kills.
  • Keep yourself accurate because it is hard to look around without keeping a charged shot.
  • Keep holding down the fire button and be patient when attacking people. Time your shots to not waste time charging this weapon again.


  • Pickoff its users from long ranges.
  • Try attacking the user with a high fire rate weapon while they are charging for the shot.
  • Try to avoid being near the ground or walls since this weapon has an area damage.
  • Keep moving and jumping to dodge their bullets. This will waste their ammo and their time since this weapon is a charge shot.
  • Avoid getting hit at all costs as it can be devastating.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Have a long ranged weapon and a faster firing weapon because this weapon is short ranged and slow-firing. Also equip the Singular Grenade if you can.


  • When firing when charged, the word 'BANG!' can be seen beside the weapon. This is reminiscent of onomatopoeic words used in Manga.
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