The Manticore is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 13.5.0 update. 


It is a re-skin of the Alien Cannon that has two green tips that hold a plasma-like substance. It looks very sophisticated and seems to have red splotches here and there. When fired, it gives off a green burst similar to the Alien Cannon's burst. It has a light-green back and ammo cartridge.



  • Use exactly like the Alien Cannon, except with more damage.
  • Fight enemies in close to medium range to get the best results.
  • Use this against weak enemies to save ammunition and thus get faster kills.
  • Try ambushing with this weapon against unsuspecting players.
  • The mobility is heavier than the Alien Cannon so strafing won't be as effective
  • You can shoot this off a wall because of its ricochet, for instance, in a clustered area.
  • Use this in a small area to make use of the ricochet ability.
  • Again, try to be defensive with this weapon, but due to high damage, try to go on the offensive for this weapon.
  • Be aware that this weapon's area damage only works when someone touches or comes in contact with the projectiles. So, the only real way to hit players with the area damage is to shoot them when they are packed together.


  • Take out the users at long ranges with a sniper to avoid the burst
  • Stay away from its users, as it can be devastating at close ranges


Alien Themed

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Bring a sniper or long range weapon in case you are being sniped at from far away. Bring a good primary such as the Undertaker to deal close damage if you are in a tight spot or run out of ammunition.
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