The Mega Destroyer is a Primary weapon introduced in the first few versions of the game.


It is a neon turquoise-light blue colored shotgun and shares the same colour with the Fast Death. It has a barrel above the internal tube and a large pump. The pump is a gun metal gray.


It has good damage, a medium fire rate, a small capacity, and a slow mobility. Like the Dino Slayer, this weapon is 2 shots headshot and 3 shots body shots. If all pellets hit, it could be a one shot.


  • It deals more damage the closer you get, as the chance of more pellets hitting your opponent increases. Try to close the distance between you and your opponent
  • Do not use the scope, as this weapon is a shotgun, which is not very accurate, making the scope useless.
  • Aim for the head, as it does not deal very much damage (unless being maxed to your level), use the scope if necessary.
  • Pair this with a Singular Grenade so those unfortunate to be trapped there will be hit by this weapon.


  • Pick off its users from long ranges.
  • As it takes around 3 headshots if all pellets hit, kill the user with a higher damage weapon.
  • It has a poor ammo capacity compared to most other Primary weapons, so use automatic weapons to kill the player.

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

The Mega Destroyer is a strong and versatile shotgun, meaning that it works well for almost any build.


  • This weapon and the Masterpiece Musket are the only two shotguns in the game to have a scope.
  • The Mega Destroyer closely resembles the real life Franchi SPAS-12 Combat Shotgun with the stock folded.
  • Although its stats say it fires twice as fast as the Simple Shotgun, it is still pump-action. (Some people may get fooled by its stats thinking it is semi-auto, like its real-life counterpart).
  • This weapon does 75 more damage as the Simple Shotgun when used against enemy AI, and slightly lower mobility.
    • As of the 11.2.0 update, this weapon no longer does high damage to enemy AI.
  • This along with a few other weapons have received harsh criticism from players due to the fact it is not much different from the Simple Shotgun, therefore giving this weapon a bad reputation.
  • Just like Golden Mega Destroyer and Crystal Mega Destroyer, this gun only chambers 7 shells while reloading instead of its 8 shells (it uses the same reload animation as Simple Shotgun).
  • In the 9.0.0 update, it was drastically nerfed, which increased the bullets spread.
    • Before this, it shot 1 strong bullet, similar to the Masterpiece Musket. because of this you could snipe using the scope.
  • The Crystal Mega Destroyer's name was changed to the original form's name: Mega Destroyer.
  • The users who had this gun before the updates get to keep it while the new users can't buy this gun.
  • Its Christmas reincarnation is the X-Mas Destroyer.
  • This and the other two counterparts are very rare to see a user actually using this during an entire match, and it's un-obtainability makes it even more rare. Players only use this weapon to showcase their old status/for fun.
  • It was later brought back in the Event Chest in the newest update, 16.7.0.
    • However, it is disguised as the "Predator".
    • This Weapon is now a 2 shot headshot like the Dino Slayer, making this weapon usable once again.
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