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This is a removed content. It is no longer available in Pixel Gun 3D.
Removed Symbol

The Mega Destroyer Up1 formerly known as "Golden Mega Destroyer" is the second upgrade for the Mega Destroyer. It costs 30 coins to upgrade.


It has a golden weapon frame. The handle and pump are black and the pump has small gripping textures.

Hqdefault (4)



  • Get near the opponent, then shoot.


  • Stay away from your opponent.


  • Mega Destroyer Up2, the last form of the Mega Destroyer, and the upgrade of this gun.


Gold theme

Weapon Setups

Use this shotgun when near your opponent, use a fast firing weapon to get near them.


  • It is based off the real world Franchi S.p.A. SPAS-12 pump/ semi auto shotgun.
  • Just like Mega Destroyer and Crystal Mega Destroyer, this gun only chambers 7 bullets while reloading instead of its 10 bullets
  • It uses the same reload animation as Simple Shotgun.
  • Just like the other Mega Destroyers, it does 60 hit points against mobs because of its 4 hp of damage each projectile (15 spread).
  • The users who had this gun before the updates do not have this gun removed while the others see it removed.
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