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The Mega Gun is a Primary weapon introduced in the 13.3.0 update. 


It is a reskin of the Sub-zero.

It is a futuristic rifle which has a light blue barrel, a red trigger, a dark blue handle, a dark red grip, a dark and light blue and red shoulder stock, and a red 4x scope. The projectiles look like smaller versions of the champion solar cannon.


It has the utmost damage, a decently high fire rate, an average mobility, and an average capacity.


  • Use the scope to encounter longer ranged enemies.
  • Always aim for the head to maximize the damage.
  • The gun will remain accurate if you hold down the trigger, but it will require some aim when moving around quickly.
  • This weapon is very spammy. Spam this weapon in hallways so no one can dodge it.
  • Fire in concentric circle.
  • Use a jetpack and spam down towards the ground.


  • Pickoff its users from long ranges.
  • Pickoff its users using a strong Heavy weapon.
  • Use one shot weapons, like the One Shot , Anti-Champion Rifle , Deadly Beat .
  • Take cover or run away from these users. As they can easily kill you with this weapon.
  • Using the fastest weapon (in your current layout) to run away would be the most viable option.
  • Staying in the air is another effective way of dealing with Mega Gun users, because of the weapon's travel time.
  • If you are in a big match, rocket jump away with the 0xbadcode or killer whale
  • Use the jetpack, since it is very hard to hit you with the travel time bullets


Futuristic/Mega Man themed.


  • Golden skin (League Item)
  • Requires the Champion League
  • Required number of trophies: 3600 Trophies

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Equip an efficient Heavy weapon to have no complications in close range, and/or an efficient Sniper weapon to have no complications in long range either. Because it deals unbelievably rapid area damage, you are allowed to equip laser or piercing shot weapons without worrying about losing explosive power.

  • This weapon is an obvious primary weapon and your ideal weapon of choice for most matches. Keep in mind that this weapon is used for close to medium ranges, so equip weapons you comfortable with and can fill in the needed gaps (Long-Ranged weapons).


  • It is based on the Plasma Gun from DOOM 4.
  • Its color scheme is somewhat similar to Mega Man's from the Mega Man series. In fact, the name could also be inspired by Mega Man, since the name of the gun is the "Mega" Gun.
  • It was given a golden skin (unlocked at Champion League) in the 14.2.0 update.
  • In the 15.1.0 update, along with all gem-cost weapons with a combat level of 13 and 9, its efficiency has been buffed to 31 on max level.
  • In the 15.3.1 update, this weapon was buffed a lot, making this once again spammable in pool party.
  • in the 15.4.0 update, mega gun's area damage ability is gone.
  • in the 15.4.1 update, mega gun's area damage ability is back, but it's damage area was reduced.