The Mercenary is a Backup weapon introduced in the 11.3.0 update.


It is a futuristic looking pistol which has an iron muzzle with a cyan glow, 3 light blue stripes on the grip, a cyan iron sight, a laser sight, a black magazine with a cyan detail and the rest of the gun is silver.



  • If the player holds down the fire button, it will fire a five-round burst, and continue to do so as long as the fire button is in use.
  • If the player rapidly taps the fire button it will behave similar to an automatic rifle and increase the fire rate to that of the Swat Rifle, while being semi-automatic. However, this is not how the gun has been intended to be used.
  • This gun is useful in taking down weakened targets with its moderate damage, high fire rate and low recoil.
  • Make sure to aim and fire effectively. As one tap may expend ammo inefficiently. Although it can take down multiple severely injured opponent at linear direction, it is no good when dealing with players who strafe and jump a lot.


  • Strafe around the player to avoid being shot by the weapon.
  • Hide behind an object, or outflank the user.
  • Pick off its users from long ranges.
  • This weapon usually runs out of ammo very quickly, so higher ammo capacity weapon could easily outlast these players on a head to head duel.

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Make sure to have a Sniper of your choice and a Heavy weapon ready.

  • This weapon is a decently good backup, made to actually be a backup type weapon where it is used in emergency situations, sometimes substituting the primary weapon of choice.


  • In the update it was introduced the player in the icon was holding the Mercenary.
  • There is a similar version of this weapon, being a futuristic rifle, the Sub-zero.
  • This gun's performance kind of resembles the exotic sidearm "Trespasser" from Destiny Rise Of Iron.
  • This, the Champion Mercenary, Semi Auto Sniper Rifle, Sakura, Fast Death, Pursuer Z3, Nuclear Rifle, Laser Ray Rifle, Semi-Auto Shotgun and Sniper Cyber Module are the weapons that can burst-fire/semi-auto.
  • The Champion Mercenary is a re-skinned, more efficient counterpart of this gun.
  • In the 13.5.0 update, this weapon has been given a combat level of 10.
  • In 15.99.0 Update, a burst of 5 are released when tapping the firing button just once. This itself added is identical to real life burst-firing behaviour.
  • As in current update, Mercenary is 2 bursts (10 shots) headshots kill if fully upgraded.
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