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The Mercenary Flamethrower is a Special weapon introduced in the 15.5.0 update.


The Mercenary Flamethrower seems to be a sci-fi otherworldly flamethrower made up of a copper-colored metal. The weapon has two (what seems to be) gas emitting barrels and a lighter.


It has good damage, a good fire rate, a big capacity, and a decent mobility. It is 8-9 shots with burning.

  • Like most flamethrower weapons, use this weapon in close-range encounters.
  • Use the burning for weakening players.
  • You don't have to worry about reloading as the capacity is quite high. Still, this does not mean you can go around spam its flames, since this tactic will render you vulnerable in a long run especially when you are reloading.
  • Do not use this in long range as it's a flamethrower.


  • Attack the user from long range.
  • Sneak towards its users, so as to give the user a hard time to react.
  • Do not go near the user as this weapon can kill you in 2 seconds.
  • Even though the capacity is quite high, the reload speed is quite slow. Try attacking the user when they're reloading.

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Bring any long ranged weapon.


  • You can only obtain this weapon from a super lottery and in Battle Royale.
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