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  • Q:If you have two good guns to choose.

    A: figure out by seeing which one has the most damage/effency

    Note: did I spell a word wrong?

    Warning: it doesn't say effency on the weapon section in game

    So what you can do is to know what static on the gun is better

    Q: are you getting killed in game so many times

    A: try moving around a lot, so that way the player will have trouble aiming

    WARNING: don't do that on homing missile guns, cuz the missiles will follow you

    Q: on teams/siege do you always lose because your team has very weak weapons

    A: find a team with a Very good weapon

    Warning: it would be a problem on team fight, you'll see...

    More coming soon...

    Pixel gun 3D user: cameroon

    I disguise as a noob sometimes 

    That's all

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