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    I have started in October 2017. At that time, i got so addicted into this game and started to play 24/7. At that’s time, I didn’t know this game is pay to ween, until I realized u only get 2-3 coins every victory, and no gems. I don’t know why I was so addicted into this game, but maybe it was the art of Minecraft combined into the concept of a shooting game. I have heard about how much people missed the old days of pixel gun, and how much they hate pixel gun today. for some reason, hate comments about pixel gun really stresses me out, and make me want to kill myself. Well, not exactly. When I got to lvl 32, I’ve heard about this thing about 3 cat spam, and a lot of tryhards and pros use it. I’m pretty sure this was created by Esoteric inc, but it confuses me who exactly created 3 cat spam. Today, I have a lot of good weapons I can use (thanks to the new clan chest system and the blogger set, where I got enough gems to buy Future Police rifle), and I play like how 3 cat spammers mainly play, but in a slightly different way. Anywayz, I love this game. And I don’t care WHAT other people say about it. I don’t care if pixel gun is dead. I will never quit, even if the game lags the flip out on my device(I am using my little brothers ipad mini, where it has about 120 GB of storage. But anywe, fanks for reading dis long and boring paragraf about me. and yes, I have horrible spelling.

    ik this is random but i dont care. i started playing minecraft in 2018. i didnt know how to play with friends, becuz at that time i didnt have a xbox account. nowadays i see people saying how their lives are so difficult right now, and how they missed the old days of minecraft and how minecraft is so dead and filled woth toxic kids right now. personaly, i think minecraft is not dead becuz i did some reaserch and minecraft still has around 30000000 monthly players right now. sure, they might be toxic 4 year olds, but that still technectly count as a player, except just very toxic. idk whats wrong with minecraft now, becuz theres alot of cool stuff right now, but people say thats just not needed in minecraft.
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