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  • >This Wiki needs a lot of updates. Every information is old and not updated. We all need to update it!

    I am highly aware that there are a lot of pages that need creation in here. However, there is one problem: I'm not working in here. If I was still working in here, I would've created weapons. I'll explain why I stopped working in here. This is mainly because of multiple, huge systematic changes in terms of damage or efficiency. You see, it's a lot of tedious work to just change the damage every few updates or so, which is why I stopped working in here. Not to mention that I am currently building other projects on this platform, which are this, this, this and this. I already finished one of them, but I am more focused to these projects more than this wiki. Also, I barely play the game, mainly because I'm losing interest in here. There is also one very active admin, who is Minecraftian47, and even that guy has different priorities, too, but he still focuses on building this wiki.

    So, you see, there is only one active admin who is still here to help on building this wiki along with numerous volunteer editors (you can be one of them and start updating this wiki, too!). And mainly because of the systematic changes, other projects and interest loss on the game, I'm not very active on this wiki anymore.

    Have a great day.

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    • Kind of. Though, the real reason how I got it was because of JustFreezer and his clan in Pixel Gun World, requiring that prefix. Now, I think it's just a cool name for me, so I currently use it.

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