Cosmetics for the Battle Royale and the transport for minigames. Can be upgraded for mini-games mode only.

—Official description of transport

For the fort object, see Military Jeep (Fort Object).

The Military Jeep is the first (and free) Battle Royale transportation vehicle every player gets for Battle Royale.


It appears to be a regular and green open car. It has a front window, four wheels, two lights on the front, two doors with handles, and two seats.



  • Speed off in case of any oncoming players.
  • If the vehicle starts to smoke, run away, as it could deal damage to you.
  • You are disarmed. Keep a high damaging weapon along with you in case of an attack.
  • You do not deal damage to other players while driving.
  • Running over them is a bad idea.


  • Shoot the vehicle to damage it until it explodes.
  • The vehicle cannot deal damage, so use this to your advantage.
  • Players become disarmed whilst driving.


  • It is based off Willy Jeeps used in World War.
  • It had no markings to indicate what country/military it is from.
  • Despite being able to get injured by one of these in real life, Pixel Gun 3D ignores that so players cannot get damaged by the Jeep.
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