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The Miner Weapon Up2 in use.

The Miner Weapon Up2 is a Melee weapon, and the third and final form of the Miner Weapon.


It is a wooden stick with a hammer/pickaxe part at the top. The hammer/pickaxe's part is either silver, gold, or diamond-blue.


It has normal efficiency, high attack speed and high mobility.


  • Attack from behind to deal devastating amounts of surprise damage.


  • Keep an eye on the user going around you, never letting them out of your sight.


N/A (final upgrade)


A pickaxe.

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Have a powerful long range gun, for the snipers.


  • This weapon was renamed due to issues with Mojang. It was originally called the Diamond Miner Weapon, a reference to the Diamond Pickaxe. It also has the same color.
  • This weapon was also redesigned due to the copyright of Minecraft.
  • For some reason, the enemy is always hit with the pickaxe side instead of the hammer side.