The Mini Acid Spray is a Special weapon introduced in the 15.8.0 update. It is the replacement for the default Special weapon in the Cyber Brawl mode.


It appears to be a reskin of the Flamethrower with cyber/futuristic parts.


It has average damage, a good fire rate, an average capacity, and a slow mobility. It is 15-16 shots in the Cyber brawl mode.

  • Use it like any other flamethrowers.
  • Use it in close range only.
  • Use it on weakened enemies as the damage isn't that great.
  • The poisoning an be used to weaken the enemy even more.


  • Attack the user from long range.
  • You can take a couple of shots from this weapon, but this weapon CAN kill you if you take too many shots. Better yet, you should avoid its users if you are low on health.
  • Attack the user when they're reloading.
  • Outrun the user with any 80+ mobility weapon.

Recommended Maps


Equipment Setups

Bring any long ranged weapon.


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