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This is a removed content. It is no longer available in Pixel Gun 3D.
Removed Symbol
Pg3D only
This content is exclusive to Pixel Gun 3D. It isn't in Pixel Gun World!
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The Missile Thrower Up1 is an upgrade to the Missile Thrower, introduced in the 10.0.0 update.


It has a green body with a red plus sign on the sides, a black handle with a grey trigger, and green tubes in the back of the weapon. It also has a 4x scope and the area damage effect.


Its damage and mobility are higher than the first Missile Thrower. These modifications make this weapon very powerful.


  • Its rockets have the area damage effect, so taking out a group or team of enemies makes the weapon's rockets more effective than when using it against a single player.
  • Try to aim at the ground near enemies so they can't easily avoid the rockets.
  • Enemies can easily see the rockets at long range, so fire the rockets at a closer range to give them a hard time avoiding the rockets, or sneak attack them from behind.


  • Run away from the enemy while shooting them to ensure they don't give chase.
  • Move quickly around the enemy while strafing them.
  • Before the next shot, try to deal enough damage to the enemy as good as you can.




Camouflaged with Eagle Corporal badge. It is also incendiary themed.

Supported Maps



  • It looks like a retextured Armageddon with a lower mobility.
  • It is based on the real world M202 Flame Assault Shoulder American rocket launcher.
  • It has been removed from the game in the 10.0.0 update along with the Missile Thrower, even though it has been added in the same update.
  • This is an another heaviest weapon in the game. another being the Heavy Machine Gun.
  • It can still be bought from the killcam screen.