The Missile Turret is a turret introduced in the 13.0.0 update.


It is a steel and mainly red sentry with four rocket barrels on it.


This turret shoots deadly missiles at the enemy that inflict heavy damage to attackers. It has a medium range and large health.


  • Run and dodge its missiles.
  • Snipe and hide against it.
  • Use weapons with high damage to take it down faster.
  • Note that it can kill an average player in two to three shots.
  • Your only safe bet is to take cover, rocket jumping and attacking from afar.
  • Try to stay away from them or at least take cover if these turrets are still active. Attack from afar using a sniper or high damaging weapons and then progress once they are destroyed.


  • It is possibly based on the Armageddon due to the color of the turret and four barrels itself.
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