The Molotov Cocktail is a Throwing gadget introduced in the 11.1.0 update.


It appears as a green glass bottle, most likely having a flammable liquid, such as gasoline or alcohol inside. It has a beige tag across the front, with illegible text on it, and a white rag drapes off the mouth of the bottle.


The player throws the Molotov Cocktail from their right hand in an arc. When it lands on the ground, it would explode and emit a fiery radius on impact. It would burn any player that steps in the radius. The afflicted area will be ignited by flames for 8 seconds.



  • This gadget is useful in smaller compact areas.
  • This gadget also works effectively as a temporary barricade to stop/slow enemy rushes.
  • It has the ability to headshot severely weakening anyone hit.
  • Throw this at a point or flag in Flag Capture (PG3D) or Point Capture to stop enemies temporarily from taking the flag or point. Or using it for weakening enemies armor.
  • Throw it at an enemy and when the enemy is fleeing, track them by looking at the trail of fire the enemy creates.


  • Avoid the arc or else you will receive burning damage, causing you to lose health and/or armor.
  • Rocket jumping is effective as it is hard to hit enemies that are in the air.
  • Try to eliminate the user before he/she has a chance to throw it.


  • This is based on the real-life Molotov Cocktail.
  • If the Molotov is thrown high into the air, it will actually explode before touching the ground, and the fire it creates will remain suspended in the air.
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