Not to be confused with the fort object.

The Monster from the Deep is the final boss in the Dead City map of the Raids gamemode released in the 16.x.0 update.


Similar to its fort object counterpart

It appears to be a very large creature inside an hazmat suit with a black belt, black gloves and black shoes. Its eyes are looking in different directions, and lots of its teeth are missing. It wields a large, red, metal and blunt weapon.


  • Start of the battle with a high damage charge shot.
  • Use high mobility weapons, as this monster is fast and also causes heavy damage.
  • When the boss is at low health, finish it with a rapid firing weapon to get more points
  • Use life steal weapons if you have any.
  • Aim for the head.
  • Use a high DPS rifle or sniper rifle to constantly chip its health.
  • Use a Primary with the Turbocharger module combination if you want to deal intensive damage on it with headshots.
  • Always be attacking, because if you leave it alone, then it will regenerate its health
  • Take out the surrounding minions first, and them focus on the boss. It is also possible for the whole team to only go for the boss.
  • Rain explosives towards it so he will take intensive damage.


  • It is the final boss in the Dead City raid.
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