The Mouse Scepter is a Special weapon added in the 17.1.0 update as part of the Mouse King set.


It has a dark purple shaft with the head of the Mouse King on top. It features a green crystal on top of the Mouse King's head, in the middle of his crown.



  • Move around while charging up the shot, to avoid getting hit.
  • Make sure you are behind cover or not out in the open while using this weapon.
  • You can hold the charge indefinitely, this is useful when waiting for targets or when the target is out of the line of sight.
    • It is possible to earn a post-mortem kill just like other charge weapons.
  • This weapon is useful for dealing damage to crowds of enemies.
  • The poison attribute is useful for dealing additional damage towards enemies, potentially killing them if one enemy's health is low enough.


  • Pick off the user at long range.
  • Area damage or high fire rate weapons and shotguns can quickly finish users off.
  • Strafe around the user while firing to avoid getting hit.
  • Try to wait until the user fires its charged shot, and then attack.
  • Try to avoid getting into the user's line of sight or general aiming direction.
  • Use one shot kill weapons to take them out quickly before they notice you.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Have a backup weapon for dealing with enemies at close-medium ranges.

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