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The Neon Lightning is a Special weapon introduced in the 15.3.0 update. It can be obtained during the Battle Pass of Cyber Season.


It looks like a futuristic electric rifle that has neon blue lights around it, purple and indigo details. it has a back handle, a bottom battery, and 2 capacitors at its barrel. The neon blue and pink glow in the dark.


This weapon works just like the Electromagnetic Cannon, except with much better stats. This weapon has high damage, high fire rate, moderate capacity, and low mobility.


  • Aim for enemies that are close together to hit multiple targets.
  • Avoid using it at long range since this weapon has travel time.
  • Use this in small maps like Colliseum (Multiplayer) or pool party for the best experience.
  • This weapon shoots quite fast, so you may have to reload a lot.
  • Note: This weapon does NOT have area damage, so you will have to hit your shot directly.
  • Equip a high mobility weapon to travel around the map.


  • This weapon has travel time so kill these users weapons that don't have.
  • Avoid getting to close to other allies since it's chain damage may reach you (assuming you are in Team-Based game mode that is).
  • Strafe around these users since this weapon does not deal area damage.

Weapon Setups

Bring a scoped weapon and/or an area damage weapon. Bring a good automatic primary or a good backup.

  • In terms of gameplay, its usage is actually more similar to the Electro-Blast Pistol, but this weapon can synergize even better with most setups as this weapon has high ammo count, damage and fire rate, making for a very good support weapon. This weapon could be used as ones main weapon for a match, but one has to be highly skilled in order to use this in mid-long ranges. This weapon provides decent gameplay for most players as its versatility in close to medium ranges can be a formidable and useful support weapon for anyone.


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