New Camelot is a multiplayer map introduced in the 16.6.0 update.


The map takes place on top of a mountain top fortress where two small castles; each in the color of the respective team are inside a courtyard.

Each castle contains a dinning hall, a large library, large hallways, and stairwells leading to the lower section of the fort. There is a hole that allows a player to drop down into the dinning hall of the lower floor.


  • The map suits both close and long range combat well. The courtyard compliments long ranged players while the hallways and the castles compliments short ranged players.
  • Use shotguns and other close range weapons such as the Ghost Lantern in indoor areas.
  • Take caution when battling in the courtyard, as the open areas provide snipers a large line of sight.
  • The bottom section of the map can be used to sneak behind enemy lines, and potentially spawn trap enemies.


  • The sword that is found in this map does not exist as a weapon.


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