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The Nitrogen Sprayer is a Special weapon introduced in the 13.5.0 update.


Being a re skin of the Gas Launcher, it has the exact body shape. However, their themes are distinctly different. The Nitrogen Sprayer takes on a more futuristic look and has a blue, black, and yellow color scheme and shoots propellant of the same bluish color.


This gun deals exceptionally high Damage-Per-Second (DPS), has a high rate of fire, high ammo capacity, and average mobility. It has the Slow Down effect and is much stronger than its predecessor.


  • As this gun is a flamethrower, use this in close combat, where it will deal a ton of damage.
  • When stuck in close corners while pursued and attacked by many players, this gun will come in handy in killing all of them.
  • Do not attempt to use this at long range as it would be useless and you're just wasting your ammo.
  • This gun exhausts ammo rather fast, so conserve ammo and reload only when you're completely safe.
  • Use this against groups of enemies, to take advantage of its slowing ability.
  • This weapon is Extremely effective in taking down Mechs and Demons.
  • Players will notice that this weapon also has a larger range than most flamethrowers. It is best to use a high mobility weapon sure as the dark force saber to get right up next to an enemy, then destroy them with this gun.


  • This gun is only good at close range, so killing users with scoped rifles or Sniper Rifles would be extremely easy.
  • Do not ever go close to people wielding this gun.
  • Shotguns may prevail against this gun at close range, but to be safe just to attack from far range.
  • When slowed down by this gun, quickly retreat by using high mobility weapons like the Dark Force Saber Up2 or just fight your way out by using one-shot-kill weapons like the Anti-Champion Rifle.
  • You may treat this as if you are countering the Frozen Dragon.
  • Attack its users from behind, so he will not be given time allowance to react.

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Equip at least one long range due to this weapon having an extremely limited range.


  • This is the second flamethrower to have a slow-the-target attribute, the first being the Frozen Dragon.
  • Liquid Nitrogen is not, at all, poisonous, but it is extremely cold, therefore it is "slow the target".
  • This (and the Engineer Exoskeleton) is the only special to come at a 17 rating.
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