An Offer is an In-App Purchase introduced in the 11.2.0 update. It mainly is a limited time event to players to receive a bunch of good stuff, which requires only a small amount of money.


This table indicates all of the offers that have been temporarily introduced into the game so far.

Offer Name Introduced Times it appeared Time or Packs Cost Offers
Christmas Offer 11.2.0 2 80000 packs $13.99 1000Coin + 500Gem.
"Free" Phoenix Offer 11.3.0 2 1st offer: 40000 packs. 2nd offer:

5000 packs.

1st offer: $11.99. 2nd offer:


1st offer: Phoenix + 300Gem.

2nd offer: Phoenix + 50 Coin + 50 Gem.

Chinese New Year Offer 11.3.1 1 2 days N/A 50% on all Kung-Fu themed content + 85% on skins.
Leprechaun Offer 11.3.1 4 1st, 2nd and 4th offers: 5000 packs, 3rd offer: 3 days. $4.99 1st offer: 200Coin + 200Gem + 5Gem every day for 30 days. 2nd offer: 150Gem + 50Coin + 5Gem every day for 30 days. 3rd and 4th offers: 100Coin + 50Gem + 2 Gem every day for 30 days.
Unicorn Offer 11.3.1 1 3000 packs $4.99 Unicorn + 200Gem.
Ultimate Weapon Offer 11.3.1 3 1st offer: 3000 packs

2nd offer: 3 days 3rd offer: 5000 packs

$4.99 1st offer: A free weapon + 200Gem.

2nd offer: A free weapon + 150Gem. 3rd offer: A free weapon + 100Gem.

Ultimate Gadget Offer 11.4.0 2 1st offer: 3000 packs.

2nd offer: 2 days.

1st and 2nd offers: $4.99 1st and 2nd offers: 3 free gadgets from each category + 200Gem.
Treasure Frenzy 11.4.0 7 1st offer: 3000 packs. 2nd offer: 3 days.

3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th offers: 5000 packs.

1st offer: $4.99. 2nd offer: $37.99.

3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th offers: 0:$99. $0.99

1st offer: 1000Coin + 500Gem. 2nd offer: 2000Coin + 1800Gem. 3rd, 4th, 5th,6th and 7th offers: 50Coin + 50Gem.
Magical Dragon Offer 12.0.0 1 5000 packs $37.99 Magical Dragon + 1500Gem + 1000 Coin.
Eagle Spirit Offer 12.2.0 1 5000 packs $0.99 Eagle Spirit + 50Coin + 50Gem.


  • A probability for the introduction of Offers is for the Pixel Gun Company's bankruptcy escape.
  • So far, 6 offers have been introduced into the game.
  • A similar content exists in Pixel Gun World, an Event.
  • These offers usually appear in the gem currency shop.
  • The Leprechaun Offer has ironically first appeared before Valentine's Day.
  • With these offers, you save more money than the money that is actually spent.
  • The Pixel Gun Company, at most times, announces offers on their Facebook page.
  • Many offers can appear at a time, sometimes 6 offers on the lobby screen.
  • It seems to be illogical that the Pixel Gun Company sometimes claim their offers are "free", yet these offers still require real currency in order to receive.
    • As a Russian company, they are trying to say that an item comes along with the pack, probably because of translation errors caused this claims.
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