Offline Mode is active whenever the player is disconnected from the Internet or has a bad connection. While disconnected, the user will not be able to:

  • Play multiplayer modes or minigames.
  • Properly access online databases, such as saving the weapon loadout, and lobbies of other players, as well as anything related to Clans or Tournaments.
  • Spend or gain any type of currency.
  • Access the Craft and Modules section of the shop.
  • Access the Trader's Van.
  • Access In-App Purchases or Offers.
  • Access the Task Book or complete tasks from it.

However, players can still play the following singleplayer modes/minigames:


  • Players will not earn currency for playing in offline mode.
  • Formerly, players can buy weapons from the Armory or the Craft Items Menu while offline, charged at a higher price.
  • Not allowing the amount of currency be changed offline may be a method to reduce the number of hacks.
  • The Craft Items Menu is avaliable offline, although players cannot buy items in it, or unequip/equip craft items.

Offline Warning Icon


This icon appears when the WiFi signal is weak or not present.


  • This icon does NOT necessarily indicate offline mode.
  • A similar warning icon is shown when the device has low battery. However, players can still access all of the mentioned. The warning is cautioning the player to charge their device, to prevent their device from shutting down unexpectedly and possibly reverting some of their progress.
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