The Orange Killer is a Primary weapon introduced in the 16.5.0. update. It is part of the Mr. Fruit set.


It is mainly green, with a pink box under the stock. It has an orange tip and an ammo box. It has a white buttstock with some pink and green hues. It is somewhat based on the AK Mini.


It has high damage, high fire rate, decent capacity, and somewhat poor mobility.


  • As always, aim for the head for extra damage.
  • Use a sniper that almost kills opponents then use this to finish them.
  • Conserve ammo as this has somewhat low ammo.
  • It has small area damage, use this to your advantage.
  • Keep in mind that the projectiles of this weapon have travel time.


  • One-shot weapons will do the trick nicely.
  • Use other powerful primaries such as the Excalibur, Black Mamba, Laser Assistant.
  • Jump around to waste the user's ammo.
  • Use area damage weapons to disorient its users.
  • If all else fails, use this yourself.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Equip a long-range weapon for sniping and a close-range heavy weapon.


  • Its shape is based on the AK Mini which you can obtain through the campaign.
  • Although it's a Mythical weapon, it is not very strong.
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