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The Overseer is a Sniper weapon introduced in the 15.9.0 update. It is part of the Super Soldier Event Set.


It is a bolt-action sniper rifle with blue accents. It features a collapsible stock, a black pistol grip, magazine, a blue receiver, a long black barrel, and a blue muzzle brake. Its attachments consists of a 8X sniper scope, bipod, a rail-mounted flashlight and a leather sling.



  • Use this weapon at long distances to maximize the scope's usefulness.
  • Be sure to aim for the head to maximize damage and conserve ammunition.
  • When against an unarmored opponent, aim for the center of mass instead. They will be downed in a single body shot, and aiming for the center of mass can make aiming easier.
  • Take the time to aim first if locked in a sniper duel.
  • Use the 8X scope for ease of use in long-range.
  • This can one-shot players so try to be accurate so you can get fast kills.
  • Use it like the Third Eye, but with 8X zoom.
  • As always, don't stand still while shooting.
  • The recommended range for weapons of this type is long-range.
  • Use this weapon to see where the opponent(s) are, then use a wall break weapon and shoot.
  • It is a low/medium mobility weapon, so use any mobile guns to run away or a heavy to rocket jump.
  • Keep moving while sniping, since being stationary will render you vulnerable.


  • Get in close with a weapon with lots of damage. However, if you approach head-on, experienced players can kill you without using the scope. Ambush the user or attack from behind for the best results.
  • A fast-firing weapon with a scope such as the Guerrilla Rifle will make the most of the weapon's slow firing speed.
  • Avoid routes that other users are known to frequent.
  • You can counter this with another sniper weapon.
  • Pick off its users from long ranges while still unsuspected.
  • Area damage weapons are good counters due to their Knockbacks where it will mess the users' aim. Use them in a range where the users can't mostly dodge the projectiles.
  • Don't try to hide, because the player will be able to detect you with the X-Ray vision. Moreover, even if you hide, try running and strafing constantly.
  • Jump around to ensure that he will waste his ammo or time in an effort to fire at you.
  • Hiding is fine since the bullets do not actually wall-break. Be aware of the positions of an Overseer user at all times.
  • Experienced users can easily no-scope with this weapon, so strafing regardless of the range is recommended in that case.

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Bring close to mid-ranged weapons. Bring high mobility weapons. Use a fast melee since this weapon has slow mobility than other weapons.


  • It is the second weapon to feature the X-Ray Vision attribute, the first being the Third Eye.
  • In the game's code, the weapon is referred to as the Warden.
  • The ragdoll was changed from the enemy dissipating in red to just a normal realistic ragdollwhenever they got killed with this weapon in later updates.
  • This weapon closely resembles the Paladin HB-50 from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.
  • The leather sling on this weapon is just a cosmetic since you cant carry it on your body.
  • This weapon is based on the Barrett M107 in real life.
  • Apparently this weapon isn't available in the Sniper Forts map and in the Sniper Tournament gamemode anymore.
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