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The Paintball Pistol is a minigame item, also a Backup weapon, introduced in the 12.0.0 update.


It is a silver paintball pistol with a red nozzle, a red trigger, a silver handle, a red clip and the rest of the pistol is overall silver.



  • Burst fire, since this weapon can run out of ammo fast.
  • Shoot it at players who are AFK. (Away From Keyboard)
  • Aim downwards. Aiming straight to the player won't deal damage, and may paint untargeted blocks instead.


  • Always stay on the clean blocks, or at least at the lightly painted blocks.




Paintball themed.

Supported Maps

  • Coliseum

Weapon Setups

Equip the Paintball Machine Gun and the Paintball Rifle, in case if you ran out of ammunition.


  • It was removed in the 12.1.0. update as Block Crash received an overhaul in the update.
  • This weapon does not exist in the Armory. It is exclusive to Block Crash.
  • This weapon doesn't deal damage.
  • It is the only paintball weapon that is free and equipped by default.
    • This weapon cannot be unequipped when you play Block Crash.
    • This gun appears to have a looping shot.
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