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This content is available in both Pixel Gun 3D and Pixel Gun World! If this is a game content, its counterpart is described in another article!
Both PG

This article describes a Pixel Gun World map. If you are looking for the same map in Pixel Gun 3D, see Paradise Resort (PG3D).

Paradise Resort is a large Multiplayer Map introduced in the first version of Pixel Gun World.


The map is set on a tropical island, with a threat of sharks that circles around the island. The island includes a hotel resort with a pool, and 5 rooms. Outside of the hotel includes a dock, where the player can hop on to the yacht parked in the dock, and in the shack behind it. On the other side, there is a beach area with a lifeguard tower, and windsurfing boards, afloat on the sea. Across the other side of the hotel includes multiple palm trees, a pathway leading to 2 shacks, a lighthouse, and a beach area. A hot air balloon can be entered by going to the top of the lighthouse and going across a long piece of rope, which is great for sniping.


  • Go up to the hot air balloon, then pick off users with Sniper weapons.
  • Go into the "secret spot" of this map, which is located underwater, then use long range weapons. You will be able to pick off multiple users while being covered and invulnerable to enemy fire.
  • The Turret can be used on the spawnpoints of the opposing team/other players to great effect/
  • Use wall break weapons such as the Prototype and pick off users from long range, using the windows. Try not to stand still, though, because some players will fire back at you with a similar weapon.
  • Pick off users who are holding weapons with low mobility.


  • There is a place in the map where you can go underwater somewhere near the ship and you will not die.
  • It seems to be set on an island in Hawaii.
  • You will see a skeleton lying in the seabed when you look closely in the waters. Or either dying somewhere near it.
  • In the Pixel Gun World forums, there was a contest, solving the puzzle of the map picture.
  • This, Isla de la Muerte and Big Barge are the only maps surrounded by water.


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